Find out More about Our Fence Repair Service

 Wallace Fence and Access Control is the fence company you need to call whenever you need a fence related service of some kind. We are based in Montgomery, TX and for the last 13 years, we have been helping the members of the local community in every way we can. On this page, however, we would like to share some more information about the fence repair service we can provide you with. So, if this is something you want to learn more about, just keep reading.

Any fence can get damaged and in need of repair at some point. No matter if you have a chain link, iron, or a wood fence, we are able to lend you a helping hand when it’s broken and it looks bad or someone may get on your property. The size of the damage doesn’t matter to us, either, because we have what it takes to do both big and small repairs equally well and in a timely manner. This is why whenever your fence gets damaged by the elements, by animals, or because of an accident, you should give us a call.

We, from Wallace Fence and Access Control, are experts with many years of experience in the business – over 21, to be exact. We now are able to handle any job, regardless of how difficult it may seem. All of us are skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, and of course, equipped with professional-grade tools. Because of that, we are able to deliver the desired results within the shortest amount of time possible. If there is a problem, you can be sure that we will fix it for you before you know it!

Whenever you need our professional fence repair service, you should give us a call to get more information and schedule an appointment. If your property is located in Montgomery, TX, you can do that by calling (832) 922-7329. We are standing by for your calls!