What Are the Benefits of Using an Iron Fence Contractor?


Even though iron fencing can be a more expensive choice, which also requires the services of an iron fence contractor for installation, it comes with many benefits which far outweighs its disadvantages. This type of fence can be extremely decorative, coming with an artistic style which is hard to match by other materials used for fencing. Wrought iron is metal which is heated to allow it to be shaped into many different designs and shapes.


To deter any trespassers or burglars, some iron fencing can feature pointed, spear shaped finials, or top portions. Due to the fact, the spires or main posts of wrought iron fencing is thin and smooth, it’s difficult to climb. The narrowness and design of this kind of fencing do make it look deceptively fragile, and also purely ornamental. However, despite its narrow elegance which leaves open spaces between spires and scrolls, wrought iron is in fact extremely strong and secure material.


The dual benefits of the openness and security make iron fences a firm favorite to install around gardens and pools. The black color and scrolled, ornate design make it a striking frame against any flowers and greenery within a garden setting. It tends to contrast well with swimming pools and decks. Unlike its iron counterpart, a chain link gives an industrial or institutional appearance which detracts from the beauty of landscaped, exterior settings. Chain links can be cut easily, while gates that have locks added, help keep pools safe, and gardens more secure.


The low-maintenance of iron fencing is another popular benefit. Unlike wood, there is no need for regular repainting. Rotting, warping or insect damage are other issues that wooden fencing suffers from, but not wrought. An iron fence is weatherproof and will stand up to all the elements. The only maintenance required by your iron fence contractor is a twice a year check for parts which could require refinishing.


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